About Cevichino Restaurant

Oscar Ly, Chef and owner of Cevichino Peruvian restaurant located at Doral. He comes from a fisherman family and his passion for the fishing started from an early age. He was owner of the restaurant NANDO in Chiclayo Peru specialized in seafood.

In 2001 he traveled to the United States where he worked in diferents restaurants as a master chef. In the last years he worked in a Cuban restaurant at Doral, where he became known because of the following phrase: "At Doral there is a Cuban restaurant that sell the best Peruvian ceviche and is prepared by a Chinese". It had a positive impact in the community and little by little he had his followers that always looked for Cevichino, as they affectionately called to Don Oscar.

In 2013, he and his son Oscar Ly Jr. decided to open their own restaurant only a few blocks from they used to work. The news spread like a cloud of dust through the city and in a short time the Cevichino Peruvian restaurant has become in one of restaurants of Peruvian cuisine most preferred in the area. Its specialty is the fish and seafood. Cevichino is one of the few restaurants that have in his menu Ceviches, Sudados and three specialties with Sole Fish and fresh Grouper.

60 years of family tradition ensure the great quality of his cuisine. Now we invite you to visit them and be the judges and critics of the Cuisine of Chiclayo in Miami.


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